How your cell phone holds the answers when it comes to saving money in your business

cell phone and money in hand

If you use a cell phone for your business, you will know that it can be both a blessing and a curse. Usefully, you have the ability to stay in contact with every area of your business either by text, phone or the apps that every cell phone seems to have in abundance. On the other hand, there’s also the amount of spam and scams that come your way, and of course, there are the problems with getting a reliable service without paying the earth.

However, something you may have overlooked is that when you can get adequate service, your cell phone is the perfect tool for saving money in your business, starting in the most obvious place

#1 Renegotiate your cell phone package

It’s likely you tolerate your cell phone company rather than be there by choice, so it’s time to use that indifference to your advantage. While, unfortunately, it’s hard to get by without a cell phone, there is plenty of choice as to where you can go to get one. Unlike three or four years ago, you can now know what you need with some confidence and tell providers what you want.

With that competition for customers even more intense now that ‘everybody’ has a cell phone, then you could probably also get some guarantees regarding levels of service, so you’re not left high and dry like you used to.

#2 Get a good deal on your shipping

Now that you have a good deal on your cell phone, the next thing to look at is your shipping. Regardless of what you sell, you need to get it from A to B, and that can prove very expensive. By using your cell phone to check out various freight suppliers, you can see what services are available so you can get the best deals for LTL freight shipping when you don't need an entire truck, which can provide some major savings.

You won’t have a dedicated vehicle, but this should be offset by the financial benefits of sharing the load. This means that with a little more organization you can trim some more from your running costs.

#3 Look at your other overheads

Using your cell phone on the move to search out other deals is next on the list. Using LTL shipping you don’t always need to wait to have a whole truck before sending your goods out, so this could have implications for your storage capacity. Also, by adopting remote or hybrid working for your office team, the space they take up is not as necessary as it once was. This means you could perhaps look for smaller premises, and not only save on rent but also electricity and other overheads.

To wrap things up

Cell phones may have been the bane of your life, letting you down when you need them the most, but by using them carefully you can negotiate deals and save yourself money on that phone deal, and your shipping as well as the other overheads that take profits away from your bottom line. 

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