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Is your phone wireless charging compatible? What phones are wireless friendly?

Juice Pack and Powerstation+

Mophie also makes two other wireless chargers that are worth checking out: the Juice Pack and Powerstation+. Both come in multiple colors and have a protective case that doubles as a wireless charger. They’re compatible with most modern smartphones, so you can use them for your iPhone or Android device alike.

You won’t believe how fast these chargers work! The Juice Pack provides 5-watts of power through its proprietary MagSafe magnetic connector, meaning it will charge your device up to six times faster than traditional charging methods. The Powerstation+ is even more impressive at 10 watts of output per hour (5 volts @ 2 amps). This means you can fully charge an iPhone XS Max in just two hours instead of three!

7.5- and 10-watt fast charging

The Snap+ Wireless Chargers come in two versions: the 7.5-watt model, which has a smaller surface area and takes around 4 hours to fully charge an iPhone 8 (or about half that for an iPhone XS), and the 10-watt model with a larger surface area that will fully charge an iPhone 8 in three hours or less.

If you're not sure which one will work best for your needs, start by considering how much time you have before your next appointment or event. If it's only half an hour and there are no outlets nearby, go with the 7.5-watt charger—it'll be much faster than charging from your phone's built-in port. Alternatively, if it's just as easy for you to set up camp at Starbucks as it is for you to find another outlet somewhere else, then choose the 10-watt model instead; even though it won't provide as much juice per minute of charging time as its smaller sibling does, it will get enough done much faster overall thanks to its larger charging surface area.

Non-slip rubberized surface

The Snap+ wireless charger features a non-slip rubberized surface that helps keep your phone in place while charging. The charger's surface is also easy to clean, so you can put it back on nightstands or desks without worrying about leaving germs behind.

The Snap+ is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices from Samsung, Apple, and others, making it perfect for people who have multiple phones in their homes.

Overcharging protection

Overcharging is dangerous because it can cause your battery to break down and fail. When a phone is overcharged, it can also be damaged by heat. Charging your phone too long or using an incompatible charger can result in overheating and even fire.

When you first use the Mophie charger, you should be sure to read through these instructions before using the product. It is important to note that there are many different types of charging cables for different phones, so if yours does not fit with the Snap+, then don't worry! You can find other compatible cables online or at a local electronics store like Best Buy or Walmart (to name just two). It's also good practice to check your device's manual before buying any new accessories; this way you'll know exactly what type of cable will work best with it!

Charges through cases up to 3mm thick

The Snap+ Wireless Charger from Mophie is a charging pad that can be used with or without a case. The Snap+ charger comes with an adapter, so it will work with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but not the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.

The Snap+ charges through cases up to 3mm thick. You can also charge through cases made of rubber, plastic, and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). It does not support Qi wireless charging receivers built into your case as well as metal cases due to the magnetic interference created by these materials.

Lowered price

If you're interested in lowering your smartphone-charging cost and are willing to invest in new tech, you're in luck. Mophie is offering 40% off its Snap+ Wireless Chargers for a limited time. The sale price applies to both the Magnetic Charging Dock and the Powerstation Wireless Portable Charger, so there's something for everyone whether they prefer wall or portable charging solutions.

The regular price of each product is $100; however, if you purchase one now through September 30th at 12:00 AM PT, you'll get it at just $60—a savings of $40 compared to their normal price!

The savings on this deal make it worth buying now rather than waiting until Black Friday or Cyber Monday when it could become even cheaper (and more likely sold out).

You can find all the info on this offer here:

Save big on Mophie wireless chargers today

Today, you can save big on Mophie wireless chargers. These chargers will not only charge your devices quickly, but they'll look great doing it!

There's nothing worse than having a dead battery and nowhere to plug in your phone. With these Mophie wireless chargers, you won't have that problem anymore. This deal is one of the hottest ways to get 40% off any Mophie charger today and save big on these stylish accessories for your home or office. 

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