7 Effective Tips to Write an Impressive Application Essay for College Admission

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Are you ready to craft an impressive application essay for college admission? Surely this moment is very important for your academic success and future career, so you should make every effort during the writing process. But how to deal with such a tricky paper? What are the most critical nuances? Here are seven effective tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

1.   Read College Application Essay Examples

Many young people may experience excitement and confusion due to a lack of writing experience. How to craft such an essay correctly, and where should the first paragraph begin? Perhaps you should check out good paper examples before you start writing. See how other students handled similar topics and pay attention to the nuances they described. You will most likely be able to understand the general course of their thoughts and start working on your essay. 

However, sometimes even samples are not enough. That is why students may consider academic assistance as an alternative. There is nothing easier than finding companies that help students craft application essays. Check paperhelp reviews, and you will understand which nuances are most important. Now your essay will no longer be a problem for you.

2.   Choose a Prompt That Resonates With You

Here is another interesting tip to help you get through your essay. If you're applying via the Common Application, you'll have several college essays prompts to choose from. You should choose one that resonates with you. This approach is much easier than searching for some original idea on the net. For example, you can "recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback or failure." As you can see, you already have a springboard for a writing activity. In addition, the Common Application is a process with clear rules and conditions, so you are unlikely to go astray.

3.   Select a Meaningful (And Specific) Anecdote or Story

As a rule, your application essay is not a way to tell about your entire life path. Instead, you should focus on the crucial moments in life and their impact on shaping you as a person. Start with an anecdote or an interesting story that has had a big impact on you. What if you were faced with some curious situation that completely changed your outlook on life? 

Don't be afraid to describe some of the details of your life, especially if they highlight the importance of the path you have traveled. You can even combine a cautionary tale and an anecdote as an introduction. All admission officers will highly appreciate such a writing trick.

4.   Start 'in Media Res'

Don't forget that you can start your essay using the "in media res" strategy, starting the story in the middle of the action. With this approach, you jump into your story right away. But what is the advantage of such a strategy over other writing tricks? The main benefit is that you can grab the reader's attention by bringing them into a dramatic moment with no preamble. 

For example, you could start with a sentence like, "It was dark and pouring rain. I stood near the gas station and looked wistfully at my electric car. At that moment, I realized that green technologies were good until my vehicle ran out of juice." As you can see, you skipped the preamble and moved on to the main part, giving the reader (the professor) an exciting story. Now you should use the rest of the essay to draw meaningful lessons from your experience.

5.   Show, Don't Tell

Try to use your paragraphs to visualize your story. Use examples, epithets, and metaphors to create mind slides that show all your ideas. This approach makes sense since admission officers want to see talented students willing to progress. For example, consider these two approaches to the same storyline:

       "I was sad to leave Montana." This line "tells" the reader about an experience but doesn't transport them to the moment itself. You should add more details and colors.

       "Tears rolled down my cheeks as I climbed the plane's stairs. The dense forests of Montana, cold lakes, and amazing landscapes will forever remain in my heart. I will fly home knowing that a part of my soul will always remember this free land.

Surely you saw the difference in the amount of emotional detail that shows how the writer feels. Try to stick to this approach and describe your essay's essential nuances.

6.   Edit, Edit, and Edit Some More

Carpenters always sand ship boards to achieve a perfectly smooth surface. Your essay must be just as perfect if you want to pass the admission stage successfully. Check each sentence to find and destroy all typos, grammar, and spelling mistakes. You should also rewrite some lines if you feel like your thoughts are being conveyed incorrectly. In other words, the editing stage is crucial to achieving a positive result.

7.   Read Aloud

Read the entire text a couple of times to identify potentially weak sentences. The fact is that some details may remain unclear until you look at your paper from the side. By the way, you can also ask someone to read your essay. Perhaps a third-party person will see errors that have previously gone unnoticed.

Final Words

As you can see, crafting an impressive application essay for college admission is not hard. However, you must stick to simple rules and not trivial writing techniques. Follow all the above rules, and your paper will be outstanding! In any case, admission officers are unlikely to ignore your essay.

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