Protect Your Play: Tactics Scammers Use to Target Mobile Casino Users


People typically have just one reason for signing up at an online casino. They want to gamble. They want to gamble on games like slots, blackjack, and roulette. They understand that they are risking money on outcomes that are out of their control. However, many fail to realise that there is sometimes a lot more at stake than a few dollars. In addition to money, those who play at mobile casinos risk being victimised by unscrupulous hackers and other bad actors. That’s the type of gamble that nobody should take.

Scammers use a variety of tactics to perpetrate their illegal activity. Protecting yourself is crucial. For instance, even if a mobile casino is the most secure site on the planet, your personal and financial details are easily accessible if you happen to use a free or unsecured Wi-Fi connection. Of course, the solution to this particular threat is to simply only use your own secure connection. Let’s look at a few other successful tactics that scammers use.

Illegally Obtained Login Information

Recently, in 2022, about 100,000 DraftKings accounts were illegally accessed. This resulted in a combined loss of about $300,000 in customer funds. In this case, there was no evidence that DraftKings’s security systems were breached. Instead, the ne’er-do-wells obtained customer login data from other less secure sites. The hackers simply used those stolen login credentials to access the compromised accounts and have their way.

The moral of this story is that you should always use different login details for each account. Especially your passwords. However, even this isn’t 100% foolproof as your details can be accessed from the inside. It may seem unlikely seeing how this type of information is so heavily safeguarded, but it’s still possible.

The Ol’ Stolen Credit Cards Scam

This one’s a classic. It begins with a cybercriminal opening two accounts at the same site. Typically, it’s a poker site or some other site that offers play vs. player games. With one account, the villain uses a legitimate credit card while the other account uses the stolen one. The thief then uses both accounts to play in the same game to essentially syphon the cash from the stolen card to the legitimate card. In addition to the thief earning money, it also makes it easier for them to take advantage of bonuses like on this page:, as the wagering requirements can quickly and easily be satisfied.

While keeping your card information to yourself and frequently changing passwords is the most effective course of action, it doesn’t make you invulnerable. Again, it’s possible that the criminal has inside help or has harvested this information from other sites.

SIM Swapping

This one is simple, bold, and a stroke of genius at the same time. It goes like this: Pretending to be you, the scammer requests that your phone provider issue you a new SIM card. Once the phone company sends the SIM and it’s activated, they deactivate the old SIM. Now your phone number and everything that goes with it are in the wrong hands. This ploy actually worked on the CEO of a big tech firm.

How To Protect Yourself

Scammers are always digging deep into their bags of tricks to defraud you. And while internet security is always evolving, so are the methods that scammers use. It’s a perpetual battle. Even if you play at a highly secure casino, as recommended by gambling experts such as Jack Hamilton on his website, the operator can only protect you and your information to a certain extent. You must also take an active role in protecting yourself and your information. This includes these 5 tips:

  • Install the most effective security software. This includes encryption.
  • Only use the most recent version of any software or apps on your phone.
  • Avoid downloading third-party apps. Only use trusted sources like Google Play or the App Store.
  • Use a VPN. You may have to pay for a good one, but it’s money well spent.
  • Don’t lose your phone. It probably has all or most of your critical information on it.


Don’t leave it up to mobile casinos to keep you safe. You need to be proactive if you want to stay as safe as possible. While savvy hackers will likely always find exploits, you can lower your chances of being hacked by taking the appropriate precautions.

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