Which Cell Signal Booster is Best for AT&T

AT&T has a femtocell device to help their customers extend coverage inside their homes and offices.  

How is a Microcell different from a cell phone signal booster which amplifies a signal or WiFi calling which is free.  AT&T now has more Microcells on their network than cell phone towers and it's growing at a rate of 50% vs their cell phone towers which are only growing at a rate of 8%.   AT&T has sold more than 350,000 Microcells on its network in just two short years and only has 256,000 cell phone towers on its network. 

An AT&T Microcell helps iPhone, Android and Blackberry customers get better reception indoors. It doesn't amplify the signal like a repeater but rather it routes the voice and data traffic through a broadband connection.  The AT&T Microcell drops calls so beware it does not provide a perfect fix to network problems.  Frustrated AT&T Microcell customers can complain here.  We still recommend using WiFi for calling whenever possible and here is how to boost your WiFi signal.  See also our recommendations on how to get an AT&T Microcell for free.

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