Dropped Call Etiquette

How many times have you had a dropped mobile phone call and played phone tag trying to reconnect the phone call? Each time I always wonder if the person I am talking to is going to call me back or I should call them. Well, I saw this post on a Richard Wolpert's blog and think this etiquette is spot on and should be shared with the entire world . . .

If you are on a cell phone call and the call gets dropped, the proper etiquette is that that person that initiated the call in the first place calls the other one back. No dual dials. No dual voice mails. No delays to get the call going again. Its really this simple.
  1. if you initiated the call and it drops you call the other person back.
  2. if you received the call and it drops you just wait for the call back.
Please pass this along or forward the link to this post to everyone you know. It will save us all time and frustration.

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