RV Cell Phone Signal Booster

An RV (aka Recreational Vehicle) on the move can have significant cell phone coverage problems depending on the location it's traveling in. A good way to minimize dropped calls and increase reception to cellular phones/broadband data cards is to install a Cellular Repeater Kit on the roof. A Cellular Repeater Kit will allow you to make calls when very little cell phone signal exists or one or two bars. This booster will also reduce dropped calls and increase internet speeds. We have heard of lots of success stories with Wilson Electronics Repeater kits customized for use in Motorhomes & RVs. Wilson Electronics is well regarded in the industry because of its high quality.

Cell Phone Boosters or Repeaters are very simple to set up and they do not require expert installation. A Repeater kit consists of 3 major components; an external antenna, an amplifier or booster, and an internal antenna that gives cellular coverage inside the RV.  Kits can range from $300 Single Phone Booster for a single-phone style amp to $600 Multiple Phone Booster for a more powerful amp that can support multiple cell phones and/or broadband data cards.

  A few of these kits are listed below for a Single Cell phone and Multiple Cell Phones or Data Card:

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