Campgrounds With No Cell Reception

Do you try to disconnect yourself from the realities of the world by leaving home all devices including cell phones, laptops, iPhones and iPads when you go camping?  Camping in places with no cell reception are often the best places in the World to hide out if you are looking to get away for a few days.  These areas are often remote enough that you might just have the location all to yourself.  We think there might be a correlation between crowded campgrounds and those with good cell phone reception. I am a "camping purest" and prefer campgrounds with no cell phone coverage to avoid the temptation of staying connected.  

We are on a mission to find all of the remote campgrounds in the US that DO NOT have good coverage.  Remember the objective of identifying these locations is not to fix the coverage its to find a cell phone dead zone to cleanse yourself from reality for a few days. To do this we are asking all of our users to tell us what campgrounds don't have good cell phone reception or are complete dead zones.  I have a theory that if a campground actually has good cell phone reception its probably crowded, too close to a city and usually being inhabited by people that should be at home watching TV or staying in an RV.

We will try and share some of the locations with you as our users begin to add them to the map.  Click here to search and add a new campground on our map that is a good get-a-way and might have no cell phone coverage.

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