How to Get a Free AT&T 3G MicroCell

AT&T's "most valuable customers" are now receiving free MicroCells or mini-cell phone towers to boost their home or office cell phone signals.  

Today, an Engadget reader got a letter in the mail, offering his iPhone-friendly family a 3G MicroCell with no strings attached. All he had to do was present the letter at his local AT&T store, and he got the product for free. Read Engadget Article.

We are not surprised that AT&T has moved in this direction and is now taking steps to likely give away the product for free and eventually inside of their U-Verse.  We speculated earlier this year that AT&T was going to spend almost $1 billion on free femtocells and infrastructure and this is just the beginning.  We have also heard rumors that AT&T has been testing other femtocell manufacturers and this could be a way to move some inventory "off the shelf".  We think this version for $180 as a stand-alone MicroCell is going to be obsolete very soon after AT&T starts to embed a Microcell inside AT&T's U-Verse Set-Top Box DVR.

We are not quite sure what criteria will get you the "valuable customer" status yet but here are some ideas below that might help get you a free MicroCell.
  1. Find out when and if your market has the MicroCell available 
  2. Use Dead Zones Map map to share reception problems in your neighborhood
  3. Complain a lot to customer service that your home reception stinks
  4. Document your dropped calls on a daily basis
  5. Show AT&T that you have been a customer for many years
  6. Show AT&T that you have multiple AT&T iPhone's and iPad's in the house 
  7. Show AT&T that you have multiple subscribers in the house 
  8. Show AT&T that you are an AT&T U-Verse customer 
  9. Become friendly with your local AT&T store sales manager
  10. Find out when your contract expires and use renewal as leverage
If you know of any other factors that could help influence AT&T to give you a free MicroCell please submit in the comments below or email us. 

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