10 Reasons Why the Motorola Xoom Tablet is Better Than the iPad

Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2
Firstly, I am a proud owner of an iPad but also a heavy Google Apps users so I have been suffering a bit for the last year with the lack of multi-tasking and lack of app integration.  I will most certainly be purchasing this tablet in the near future but will not be buying the 3G or 4G version.  WiFi only tablets or iPads work just fine, especially when you tether a tablet to a 4G phone to save money paying for an extra data plan that is not needed. Here are 10 Reasons why the Motorola Xoom Tablet is the best tablet on the market and better than the iPad and likely the iPad 2.

1) First Android operating system Honeycomb 3.0 design specifically for tablets
2) Front facing web cam with Google Talk integrated
3) HD video capture
4) 5MP camera
5) 3G upgradeable to 4G & Verizon launching in Q1 2011
6) Dual core processor for multi-tasking and speed
7) 10.1 Inch HD display
8) Adobe Flash Player 10.1 videos play inside the browser
9) Scrollable widgets on the home screen for easier multiple tab browsing
10) It won the CES Best in Show 2011

The only questions I have are the following:  #1 What is the battery life like?  #2 Are any Android apps available in the marketplace ready for the tablet form factor?  Will it be available in the WiFi only version?  Will Best Buy or Amazon sell it?  Will the price point be $500 or less for the WiFi only version? 

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