Apple & Google Have CEO Leadership Issues

Who is Running Google & Apple?
Its kind of scary to think about the two largest technology companies Google & Apple going through management changes at the top.  Steve Jobs, Apples CEO announced this week he will be taking a medical leave of absence and Tim Cook will be managing the company day to day. In the same week now Eric Schmidt steps down as CEO and now Executive Chairman and Larry Page will take over as CEO.  I am all for management change when things are going badly but right now we happen to be in boom times again.  CEO's typically are replaced when companies need to steer the ship in a new direction.  This time both CEO's seem to be leaving while their stocks are trading near all time highs and their market capitalizations are enormous.

Tim Cook is not a very compelling communicator and is also not that inspiring the way he speaks.  Larry Page is also not a very compelling speaker and not very inspiring to listen to.  I think these people are brilliant thinkers and leaders but I question whether they are good fits to lead these companies?  Inspiration and speaking capabilities are the most important attributes for CEO's and I am not sure this change is positive for each company.

Steve Jobs leaving is for obvious reasons his health and we hope he gets better.  However, Larry Page taking over for Eric Schmidt might reveal some friction in the management decision making.  Can Google become the mobile phone powerhouse it wants to become?  Is Larry Page taking over temporarily in order to hire a new CEO from the mobile industry?  We will soon find out on Apple's earnings call that is about to start. 

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