What is Wrong With Amazon.com Wireless?

Amazon.com does not have a compelling consumer-friendly mobile phone strategy.  Does this site about get you excited about buying a phone from them versus going to an AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint retail store?  Are they missing out on mobile, smartphones, and tablets which are in boom times?   Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce communities in the world and could be a powerhouse in mobile phones if it had any balls to get aggressive about providing real consumer value.

Amazon Wireless is a half baked site that has very few good offers for customers switching carriers but none for existing customers.  The site also doesn't tell me squat about the coverage I might receive if I switch carriers or reviews about problems with phones or data speeds.  It also could be a tremendous marketplace for mobile and tablet app reviews for Android and iPhone but I find nothing.  However, they seem to be afraid of taking an aggressive stance against Verizon and AT&T who continually market 4G bullshit.  Amazon or Best Buy could be one of the few retailers that could clean up the wireless carrier fraudulent marketing.  Consumer Reports sure sucks at it and we are making an effort with our DeadCellZones.com coverage map. 

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