Did You Know This About The iPad 3G?

Wi-Fi Only Tablets Selling More Than 3G
#1) Did you know that that WiFi, not 3G/4G/LTE is taking most of the traffic from iPads?

#2)  Did you also know that carriers are looking to offload 30-60% of traffic via WiFi?  

Carriers plan to secretly do this through femtocells and WiFi landlines and won't give their customers any transparency that what they are paying for is actually free. Carriers say WiFi could double their effective capacity on their bloated, expensive and congested data networks.  So why are hyping and spending so much money on their LTE 4G networks?

If it were up to the carriers they would never include a cheap WiFi chip in the devices that Apple and HTC sell.  The WiFi offloading percentage goes up very quickly as consumers realize their 3G and 4G networks are likely congested around them. So when Mr. Stankey of AT&T, Ivan Seidenberg of Verizon and Humm of Deutsche Telekom say they have a video offering it will be highly dependent on WiFi. They have a plan their engineers are confident will handle it for many years.

Mobile data offloading is used to complement a 2G, 3G or 4G network for delivering data. The offloading rules triggering the data offload action on the handset or tablet can either be set by a subscriber or an operator. For mobile phone users the purpose of data offloading is to save money so you won't get a huge bill for streaming huge files. For carriers, the main purpose for offloading is to relieve the congested cellular networks.

The best solution, if you must have your iPad connect to the cellular network, is to simply tether your iPad to your 4G phone

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