Does the US Have an Emergency Cell Phone and Internet Shut Off Switch?

Does the US have emergency shut-off switch for the internet and cell phones?  Unfortunately, only a few people in the Government and within the telecommunications industry know and we will not likely find out anytime in the near future.  However, a huge event in telecommunications history happened this week in Egypt. A large country of 80 million people suddenly had their cell phones and internet turned off. I think we all know why the government did it. To control information flow and hamper the ability for its citizens to gather easily in one place. How did they do it? Read more at Gizmodo.

Ironically one of the people CNBC interviewed today while in Davos, Switzerland was Sean Parker who is one of the co-founders of Facebook and Napster. I thought it was rather timely considering the disruption both of his companies have caused on various industries. So is Facebook and Twitter the new offensive and defensive tools for governments to use?  Is the internet going to get turned off the next time the US has an emergency crisis?  Does Listen to Seans interview.  

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