Twins Fans Get Free "TWiFi" at Target Field

Free WiFi at Target Field in Minneapolis

Free WiFi at Target Field in Minneapolis

Congratulations to Twins fans who visit Target Field in Minneapolis for opening day.  You will be getting free Wi-Fi Internet service will be provided throughout the ballpark.  The Twins are creatively calling it their “TwiFi Network."   Free WiFi at MLB baseball stadiums seems to be a positive new trend in 2011.   The San Francisco Giants, Atlanta Braves & Arizona Diamondbacks seem to be leading the pack of stadiums adopting WiFi in 2011. Target Field has a capacity of around 40,000 and will have more than 100 WiFi access points that cumulatively should handle up to 4,000 fans on the Wi-Fi network at once.

Baseball fans have been waiting patiently for the last decade for free Wifi in stadiums to happen but it now appears that teams can now make money with the investment in WiFi using new iPad and smartphone apps.  We want to make sure that these networks are running properly as advertised and would appreciate any feedback on on whether the free wireless and cell coverage in and around the stadium is working.  Go to our map and type in the address: 1 Twins Way, Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota 55403.  Add a pin to the map for your carrier in the areas or other for WiFi. 

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