Verizon FiOS ESPN 3D for Masters NFL NBA

Watching Golf in 3D is Awesome
Finally an answer to my question, "When Are 3D Channels Coming to Verizon FiOS?"  Verizon FiOS is getting ESPN 3D on Verizon FiOS TV begging April 5 just in time for the Masters on Tuesday, April 5.  Finally sports fans will be able to watch the Masters Golf Tournament and the NBA playoffs on the 3D TV they might have purchased in the last few years.  ESPN 3D is the first 3D network that will be viewable for FiOS TV customers who have a 3D television sets and 3D glasses on HD set-top boxes.  The new channel will be included at no extra charge for FiOS TV customers who subscribe to the Ultimate HD package or on its own for $9.99 per month. What other cable networks that have 3D channels?  Here is a list of other 3D channels

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