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MLB's opening day is today and thus gives us the opportunity to look at cellular and WiFi reception in stadiums throughout the US.  The San Francisco Giants,  Atlanta Braves, Minnesota Twins TWifi & Arizona Diamondbacks seem to be leading the teams adopting WiFi in 2011.  While Major League Baseball has a great website and MLB iPad App statistics and fans want to use the application in their seats. However, have the stadiums invested enough in the infrastructure to adequately handle 15,000 to 50,000 people in one concentrated area?  Are Stadiums allowing fans to bring computers and iPads into the stadium for use?  Let's hope so. We want to know if stadiums around MLB are allowing iPads and devices into the stadium for use.

We also would like to know how the WiFI or 3G and 4G cellular coverage is inside the stadium.  It has been reported that carriers will focus on rolling out 4G LTE service in stadiums first.  Stadium coverage has always been an issue for NFL and NBA fans as well.  Some stadiums like Amway Center in Orlando have invested heavily to improve the wireless experience for fans.  Please lets us know how the reception is in your local stadium by clicking on our Deadcellzones.com and by adding a pin in the location of the stadium.  Please contribute comments about the level of congestion and speed of the service.  

Chicago White Sox US Cellular Field
Chicago White Sox US Cellular Field 

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