How to Cancel AT&T U-Verse Without Fees

Swear to AT&T Customer Service Reps
Here is a great example of how many large companies deal with internal customer service problems.  Rather than solve the problems it's more efficient to use online reputation management strategies and bury the complaints or terminate your own customers.  It's easier for these corrupt giants to terminate disruptive customers versus trying to improve service because they know consumers have few choices. This story we discovered in the LA Times highlighting a new provision in AT&T's contract now stipulates that the company can cancel your service "if you engage in conduct that is threatening, abusive or harassing" to the company's workers, or for "frequent use of profane or vulgar language" when dealing with customer service reps. If AT&T terminates your contract and service they won't charge early termination fees to anyone it decides to cut off or drop. So, I would hate to put creative ideas into your head but if you're pissed off about data usage caps, higher fees, or have to move your house.  You might think about using some creative profanity if you feel like the corporate giant is being unfair. AT&T U-Verse can have inserted language in the new contract allowing it to unilaterally upgrade your U-Verse DSL service without you knowing.

This is not an endorsement of how to terminate the contract.  We are simply highlighting how AT&T would rather not deal with problems directly and would rather fire their own customers. 

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