Net Neutrality is a Civil Right

If Verizon, AT&T, MetroPCS had it their way they could discriminate bits and bytes that come over their pipes and block information.  Sound familiar to civil rights issues of the 1960's?  If Martin Luther King were alive we might have a credible spokesman who could give consumers a louder voice about this importance of keeping the internet open.  These corporate telecom giants are not too dissimilar to the racists who wanted segregation of blacks and whites on the bus.  There are so many analogous issues and parallels to the civil rights issues from the 1960's it makes me sick.  So many people don't understand net neutrality and its' purpose. If this isn't enough to help you understand why it is then watch the Jon Stewart video on Net Neutrality.

Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit today dismissed the Verizon and MetroPCS cases after the FCC argued they were premature. The adopted by the FCC in December have not been published in the Federal Register which is a a step needed before they take effect. Court ruling document.  I hope the Obama Administration and the FCC recognize the parallel issues and permanent block the ability for any telecom company to stop net neutrality.  Republican's hate Net Neutrality because they are deeply in the pockets Verizon and AT&T & other telecom shareholders who are large campaign donors. Any new Republican President after Obama will try and overturn the net neutrality law.

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