Why DataCaps Are Killing iPhone App Market

Mobile Apps Fear Data Caps

Mobile apps fear AT&T's data caps and are killing the growth of iPhone app downloads and putting developers out of business.  Just when you thought the iPhone was getting fun to use AT&T (T) has decided to put the kibosh on your mobile app pleasure because they can't get their network in order.  This has killed the growth of application downloads in the market and the consumption of data on the phone.  AT&T is a greedy dividend pig that would rather stifle growth and innovation to collect more dollars for its shareholders.  This is very short-sighted and will ultimately result in the main reason why I think Ralph de la Vega will be fired.  This change in tone by the carriers AT&T and Verizon really pisses off Steve Jobs.  I think this is one of the reasons why Apple's (AAPL) stock has been in a decline lately.  What happened to carriers and applications subsidizing applications apps with advertising?  This is one reason I think that Apple should buy  Pandora.   Here is what AT&T has done that is making their customers scared and therefore using their phone less.   Not only did AT&T put data caps on but they killed AT&T unlimited data plans

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