AT&T Wireless Data Plan "Bytes"

Why AT&T Limited Data Plans Byte!

So what does AT&T's 2GB DataPro plan provide?  Many non-AT&T customers think tiered data plans are a scam to rip customers off even further.  Carriers steal you money with their text messaging scam and by  removing unlimited data plans. If an AT&T customer exceeds 2 GB during a billing cycle they will receive an additional 1 GB of data for $10 for use in the pay cycle. The 200 MB plan DataPlus is $15 per month, the DataPro 2GB plan is $25 per month without tethering and for a whopping $20 per month extra you can have the 2GB plan for $45 per month.  Here is an estimate of what the 2GB data plan will provide you in theory.

10,000 emails with no attachments
1,500 emails with attachments
4,000 web pages
500 photos to social media sites
200 minutes of streaming video
66 Hours of Pandora music at 30MB per hour

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