Does Verizon Have a Mark the Spot App?

Does Verizon Wireless have a Mark the Spot mobile app similar to AT&T so customers can easily report network problems?  Is it worth it and what does AT&T do with all the Mark the Spot data?   It doesn't surprise me that we cannot find an app for their customers to report network problems because their network is "perfect".   Verizon is notoriously bad at over promising network reception in rural areas that are complete dead zones.  It doesn't surprise me that Verizon still does not have an application to report network problems when upwards of 40% of customer service calls are for reception and phone issues from most carriers.  Verizon fired the Can You Hear Me Now Actor and so its about time they come up with some new brainwashing tricks. 

It has been rumored that AT&T has hundreds of thousands of customers giving them cell coverage data about where their cell reception stinks.  Do they do anything with the data or give customers feedback on how to improve coverage or when they plan to upgrade the network in their area.  Verizon thinks they Rule the Air but now that they have the iPhone are they experiencing more network problems?   We have been receiving a lot more reports on Verizon Dead Cell Zones ever since they started selling the CDMA iPhone.  Also, since the launch of the iPhone we have also been receiving a lot of Verizon coverage complaints on the East Coast as well.  

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