Grand Canyon Cell Phone Reception

The Grand Canyon is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the World. The canyon is a steep-sided gorge carved by the Colorado River in Arizona and sits nearby Lake Mead. It is largely contained within the Grand Canyon National Park one of the first national parks at receives more than 4.5 million visitors per year. This glass Skywalk opened in 2007 which allows visors to view the Canyon straight down thousands of feet.  

You will have to enjoy the view without being able to upload your favorite photos to Facebook and Twitter because cell phone reception in the canyon is almost non-existent. One would think with all these visitors and the "broadband stimulus" from the Obama Administration that this National park might be on the list to provide wireless reception for your phone safety?  Cell service from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile is hard to find in the area.   We would appreciate your contribution to the map of areas where you found reception in the park.  Click on the map below and type in Arizona or Grand Canyon Village, AZ to find the spot on the map to start adding complaints.

See also this map of Grand Canyon Cell Phone Coverage 

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