Great Smoky Mountains National Park Cell Reception

With more than 800 miles of protected trails the Great Smokey Mountains National Park is a natural wonder hosting nearly 10 million hikers and vacationers last year. Don't count on your phone working working in the area. Some have reported reception in the city of Townsend but anywhere toward a hill or mountain it was non-existant. In Wears Valley if you're high enough on a hill you might get a faint signal. What carrier works best in the area? Feedback is appreciated below and feel free to submit your dead zones directly on this map below after typing in Smokey Mountains National Park into the search menu. Some cell phones like Verizon make work better in the town areas, but do not work much at all inside the National Park. Do not depend on a cell phone if you may need 911 help.

Great Smokey Mountains Reported Cell Phone Dead Zones

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