Lake Mead Cell Phone Reception

Lake Mead is 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas is the U.S.’s largest man-made lake and reservoir for houseboaters, water skiing, and fishermen. The popular vacation spot attracts 7.6 million people annually during the peak summer months. The is very close to the Grand Canyon which is beautiful for the avid hiker and adventure seeker. Cell reception in the areas on the lake is most often non-existent. Most of the roads do not have any cell phone reception in the area so don't expect your phone to work if you dial 911. You may find reception in the Temple Bar Marina and around Boulder City. If you travel to the lake and have tried using your cell phone please contribute pins on where you don't have any signal at all.  Here is our current map of the area which shows a lot of coverage problems in Las Vegas but not much around the lake.  Please help.  

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