SiriusXM Radio Signal Interference Coming from T-Mobile Cell Phone Towers?

T-Mobile cell phone tower interference with SiriusXM

There have been instances where T-Mobile cell phone towers have been reported to cause signal interference with SiriusXM satellite radio reception. This interference occurs due to the proximity of the cell phone towers and the frequencies used by both services.

T-Mobile operates on certain frequencies for its cellular network, and if its towers are located nearby SiriusXM receivers or antennas, it can result in interference with the satellite radio signal. The interference can manifest as static, signal dropouts, or complete loss of signal when trying to listen to SiriusXM.

To mitigate such interference, both T-Mobile and SiriusXM work together to address these issues and minimize the impact on satellite radio reception. They employ various methods, including adjusting tower equipment and antenna designs to reduce interference effects.

However, it's important to note that interference can still occur in specific situations or locations where the proximity between T-Mobile cell phone towers and SiriusXM receivers is close. In such cases, it's recommended to reach out to SiriusXM customer support for assistance in troubleshooting the issue and exploring possible solutions.

If you are experiencing interference with your SiriusXM signal and suspect it may be related to nearby T-Mobile cell phone towers, it is advisable to contact SiriusXM customer support. They can provide specific guidance and help address the interference issue based on your location and circumstances.

Has the FCC screwed up once again?  Did the FCC analyze customer signal loss issues and interference that SiriusXM customers were experiencing?  Our map below shows a few hundred reported problems.  However, this data is only the tip of the iceberg and there are thousands of locations similar that have been unreported based on the traffic we are seeing on the topic to our website.  Why has the FCC overlooked this problem?  See SiriusXM's Coverage Map

Sirius XM filed an objection to this deal to the FCC in Aug 2015. The company claimed that T-Mobile US’ AWS-1 cell sites are already interfering with its receivers. SIRIUS XM held that in the event of T-Mobile US receiving additional AWS-1 spectrums in several other markets, the signal interference will only get worse.

After hearing both sides’ arguments, the FCC ruled that SIRIUS XM failed to provide adequate reasons in favor of its argument. As a result, the FCC cleared the deal without imposing any restrictive conditions. The regulator, however, retained SIRIUS XM’s right to seek justice on the alleged interference problem in a different proceeding.

T-Mobile US argued that the company is using AWS spectrums in accordance with the FCC’s directives and regulations and therefore it is the duty of the SIRIUS XM to rectify the interference problem that it is facing. SIRIUS XM is currently coordinating with T-Mobile US to fix the issue. However, the company has warned that it may resort to other options if it fails to reach an understanding with T-Mobile US.  See full article

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