Does Your School Have Cell Phone Service Problems?

Do Schools Block Cell Phone Signals? 

We were interviewed today by CBS TV in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who is doing a news story on cell phone coverage in schools.  They were asking  questions about whether schools block cell phone signals in schools or whether cell coverage is just a factor of the cell phone tower being located too far from the school.  

The cell phone coverage in each school depends on a lot of factors.  

1)  Does the school block signals using a cell phone signal jammer?

2)  How far is the school from the nearest cell phone tower? 

3)  What material is the building made out of concrete, steel, wood?

4)  Are hills or trees blocking cell phone signals?

5)  Does the school allow students to make phone calls and send text messages over WiFi when a cellular signal is not present?

6)  Has the school install cell phone DAS antennas / repeaters?  

7)  Does the school have adequate WiFi coverage in every classroom and location throughout the school campus.  

Here is another community in California concerned about a cell phone towers causing cancer on school campuses.  Sprint actually removed a cell phone tower on campus because it was thought it could have caused 4 cases of cancer. 

Please add your comments to this story below about cell phone coverage and policies in your school.   What are you thoughts about having cell phone coverage in the school.  

Southwest Airlines Request A Call Back Has Major Problems

Southwest Automatic Request A Call Back Has Major Issues

For several years Southwest has had a problem with their automatic call back feature.  Instead of waiting on hold for 5, 10 or 20 minutes call customer service at their phone number 800-435-9792 it gives you the option of calling you back.  When the system does call you back and you follow the instructions to of hitting any key when " " is on the line.   It just hangs up.

I have even experimented with turning WiFi calling off on the phone and the problem still persists.  I also added Southwest 800 number to my phone book so it wouldn't be blocked.  The reason I am writing about the problem is that apparently customer service is aware of it based on this discussion Serious Problems.  Yet nothing has been done to fix the issue in the last two years.

I assume Southwest is problem outsourcing their call back feature to a third party telecom company.  I would like to know what telecom company is providing this service and would love to call them out also in this blog post.  Southwest always has had great customer service and this happens to be something that does not seem to be getting resolved.   I would bet AT&T and/or Verizon are providing this 8000 call back service and scamming Southwest by dropping calls and then charging them for each call.  Wouldn't put it past them to do this.  

This hangup problem has occurred with me several hundred times and its annoying and wastes my time.  The problem seems to happen most when the wait is longer than 10 minutes.  Please chime in below under discussion and let us know if you have had similar issues with customer service.

I am also a huge fan of Southwest Airlines and think they are light years above every other airline by far.  I think their customer service is amazing when you can reach them and love their credit card point system.  Hopefully, enough people will read this post so they can do something to fix the problem.  Comments appreciated.  

How Famous Youtubers are Earning Money

It is possible for a young person today to earn millions of dollars annually, thanks to YouTube’s partnership program. Back in 2018, Ryan Toys Reviews - a five-year-old YouTuber who makes videos that review different toys – became the top earner, profiting $22 million from his videos. It started to gain the interest of a lot of people as to how it is possible for young content creators to earn that much, considering that all they need to do is to make videos and upload it on the website. Back when YouTube was acquired by Google, vloggers who have made a following on the website were informed that they will be entitled to monetize their content. Monetization allows videos to generate money per advertisement created, and it is possible with the integration of Google Adsense with YouTube.

With a reliable internet service provider like Suddenlink, many vloggers in the United States started creating their videos and editing it to gain more attention. Channels began to grow as more people became interested in subscribing to their favorite YouTubers, and more videos were made in a shorter span of time. In the end, those who had the most number of subscribers had the most advantage in dominating the YouTube Partner Program. However, YouTube manages to change the rules every few years, and those who are earning money through the monetization of their videos would sometimes receive various amounts. The total earnings that each YouTubers make depend on a lot of factors, and they do not earn a constant amount.

There are rules to be followed if someone wanted to become a YouTuber who makes videos for a living. The first requirement would be creating a YouTube account or a Google account, and once your account has been verified by either YouTube or Google, you should go straight into your channel and review the settings. Make sure that you check the box which will automatically monetize your videos. The next thing that you have to do is to visit the Google Adsense website and review the settings. This is where you will be putting information like how you wanted to get paid and the bank of your choice. Once you managed to set it up, you can start shooting your videos and uploading them into your channel to start earning money.

The first thing that you need to do is to increase the number of subscribers who are tuning into your channel. The secret to increasing your subscribers would be adding a "Subscribe" plea on your videos to remind the viewers to subscribe. You can also ask your friends and family members to subscribe on your YouTube channel to get your subscribers tally a kickstart. Once you managed to earn your first few subscribers, work hard to gain additional people who would be viewing your videos. Once you are able to create a huge following, like 10,000 subscribers, try to make daily uploads so that the subscribers will be enticed to watch more of your videos. The next thing that you need to work on is increasing the views on your videos. This part requires a lot of luck, and you should think about the strategies on how to make a video go viral, like having a fast internet service to monitor directly how the views are unfolding. Watch tutorials available on YouTube and read blogs online to see how others made it possible for their videos to go viral.

Once your video goes viral, and it managed to produce millions of views, expect your earnings to skyrocket. You can check your channel dashboard quickly if the internet signals are strong and see how your video is performing. If you allowed the video to be monetized, there should be a green dollar sign right next to your video thumbnail, showing that your original content is earning money. If your earnings reached up to $100 a month, you will be receiving a paycheck from YouTube, and it could be in the form of electronic money transfer to your bank. The cycle would continue for months, and it should encourage you to create more videos and uploading them online. However, remember that there are rules that you need to follow when monetizing your videos, and one of the most dreaded rules imposed by YouTube would be preventing other people to steal content and copyrighted materials, so make sure that all of the materials used in your video is 100% original.

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