Back to School Cell Phone Data Issues?

Has Covid-19 crashed or congested our cell phone networks?  Are you experiencing a full cell phone signal but your data connection is slow or non-existent?

Are you experience more data congestion issues on your wireless network in the last six months since more people are working from home during the Coronavirus started?

We are looking for someone with some knowledge to help us write an article about how the wireless carriers are doing since more people are working from home. I and others have noticed a lot of bandwidth issues traveling around. Curious if you have any data on this?

Back-to-School Help for Students Without Internet. For millions of families, broadband access is a challenge. These resources can help bridge that digital divide.

The global internet will probably survive coronavirus, according to stats from Ookla Speedtest, but America's home service plans and the UK's 3G mobile networks might not.

Empty offices and full homes during the Coronavirus.

A new state-by-state report on America's K-12 students by Common Sense and Boston Consulting finds that almost 16 million students and 10 percent of teachers lack adequate internet or computing devices at home. Minority households are among the most affected. Though 18 percent of white homes lack broadband, the figure rises to 26 percent for Latinx homes and 30 percent for Black homes. The percentage is even higher among Native American house olds.

Read this excellent article and see where slow cell phone speeds are happening.

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