Republic Wireless Plans & Service Review

Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Republic Wireless is an innovative mobile provider with a mission to provide certainty and savings to their member’s budgets. They want to kill the myth that you need unlimited data and an expensive cell phone plan. Plans start as low as $12.50 per month with the annual payment plan or $15 with month-to-month payment! Members can add one-time data any time directly through the app for just $5 per GB.

Republic Wireless believes that people have better things to spend money on than their cell phone plan. Their mission is to help members meet their financial goals by providing an alternative to expensive cell phone service.
Beyond the savings, Republic obsesses over delivering remarkable value to its members.

       Two nationwide carrier partners: Sprint and T-Mobile to ensure you can get the best coverage possible.  

       Republic is the pioneer of WiFi Calling technology, with over 50 patents to their name. Start a call in your home on WiFi and the call will switch to cell automatically when you leave – without dropping the call. Need to make a call or send a message where there is no cell coverage, but you have a WiFi connection? No problem!

       Monthly home phone service included: With New Extend Home service, Republic Wireless is the first cell phone service provider to give customers the option to extend their mobile numbers to traditional home phones. This offers the ability to receive and make calls even when your cell phone is lost, broken or charging a dead battery. Extend Home enables 911 calls for kids too young for a cell phone, better sound quality, and the ability to take a break from your cell phone from time to time.

       Additional features: Unlimited messages and calls, hotspot capabilities at no additional cost (using the 4G LTE data on your plan), free WiFi calls back to the US when overseas, and built-in spam call blocking.
Phones & Activation:

       Republic Wireless proprietary technology is compatible with many of the top Android smartphones including Samsungs, Motorolas, and LGs.
       Activation and account management is done through the Republic Wireless app and can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store. Simply download the app, enter your credit or debit card information, and pick your plan.

-        Republic’s My Choice Monthly Plans start at $15 per month for Unlimited Talk and Text (T&T). Data can be added at any time for just $5 per GB. The average member uses the 1GB plan for $20 per month.
-        Republic’s My Choice Annual Plan gives 12 months for the price of 10. The base plan starts at $150 per year for Unlimited Talk & Text, with most Annual Plan members on the 1GB per month plan for $200 for the whole year.
-        All My Choice plans include our new Extend Home unlimited home phone service at no extra monthly cost.

-        Republic Wireless provides nationwide coverage using the same networks as T-Mobile and Sprint.  Read T-Mobile & Sprint Coverage Map Reviews
-        They are the pioneers of WiFi calling and their patented WiFi technology allows people to stay connected using WiFi anywhere it is available, including areas where cell coverage is not strong.
-        Republic offers a 14-day money back service guarantee and offers sim card swaps for those who aren’t getting the coverage they want (i.e. if someone has sprint service and wants to try t-mobile, Republic can switch their networks to help improve their coverage).
-        You can view their Interactive coverage map here. 

-        Republic Wireless sells phones and accessories on their site and is only compatible with Android phones.
-        All the phones they sell are heavily tested by their engineers and QA teams to ensure they work seamlessly with their unique technology.
-        They also sell their Extend Home Adapter which brings free home phone service to all My Choice members. Members just have to purchase the $49 adapter and traditional handsets. Learn more about Extend Home here. This product could be extremely relevant in this time where so much of America is working from home. Some highlights of this product include crystal clear call quality, and the ability to make calls simultaneously from different devices using the same phone number. 

Bring Your Own Phone Program 

-        Their Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program allows people to bring a compatible, unlocked Android device to their service. All they need to do is purchase a $5 SIM card. People can make sure their device is compatible with Republic’s service by going here and searching for their current phone.
-        Once the SIM card arrives there will be instructions on the package to help them easily install it into their phone, download the Republic app, and begin a simple activation.


Republic innovates to save you time and money.

       Republic Wireless are the pioneers of WiFi calling and encourage you to use data over WiFi instead of cellular networks to save you money.
       Among the over 50 patents held by Republic Wireless is Adaptive Coverage technology. This provides maximum voice quality and coverage with seamless transitions between WiFi and cellular, along with Bonded Calling that uses simultaneous connections to WiFi, 4G LTE and 3G to ensure the strongest signal. 
       Republic does not want you to waste cell data and have to spend more, so they provide exclusive data protection tools. Easily monitor data usage within the Republic app, which shows how much you have left and where you are using your data. If you are using too much in a certain app, you can shut that off to preserve data.
       You can also freeze all cell data usage and set WiFi reminders in case you disabled your WiFi connection for a short period of time.
       Only Republic extends your cell phone number to home phones at no extra monthly charge. The Extend Home service allows you to make and receive calls on a home phone, even if your cell phone is lost, broken, or needing a charge.
       Republic has exclusive spam-blocking tools built in so you can block spam calls and/or voicemails. The list of blocked spam numbers has greatly increased, and, if some new numbers get through, they can be blocked directly from the dialer on your Android phone.
       You can use the cell data you choose with your Republic plan as hotspot data for another device at no extra charge. Some carriers charge extra for hotspot data.

Republic obsesses over making things easy and affordable.

       Simple plans with the average member spending only $20 per month.
       No surprise fees or overages. It’s all in your control on the app.
       Republic works on many popular Android phones, so you can bring your own phone if you want to keep it and get a SIM card from Republic.
       You never have to wait in line with Republic. They are the original 100% direct-to-consumer cell phone service provider with no brick and mortar stores, so the phone or SIM is sent straight to your door.
       Republic has an award-winning online knowledge center with the answer to any question you have in articles right at your fingertips, so you never have to wait for help.
       Republic customer support treats you like a member, not a customer or number on a network. They genuinely care and will work through any issues you may have to your satisfaction, which is why Republic is the top-rated cell phone service provider on TrustPilot, the leading online review site.
       Members can join an active member community where they can get quick answers, discuss and review new products and services, and even take part in early adopter programs and contests.

Republic delivers over the same networks as the big carriers, but with a personal touch.

       Republic uses the same cell networks as T-mobile and Sprint.
       The patented Bonded Calling brings together the strongest of the 4G LTE or 3G cell signals and WiFi for better coverage and quality.
       Republic consistently wins awards for customer support and member happiness.

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