iPhone Not Enough Storage Backup Scam

Not now
The latest annoying "Not Enough Storage" iPhone scam is very hard to get rid of and will keep popping up on your phone even if you say "Not Now" repeatedly.   This reminder comes up on the phone almost weekly and it's impossible to make this setting permanent.  

There is absolutely no need to backup your applications in the cloud even if you lose your phone or get a new one.  Most people don't realize that if you are smart about your cloud data management you don't need to pay for it or pay very little.  

Apple is notorious at creating planned obsolesce scams trying to trick people into thinking their phone is broken or they need to upgrade their phones.  

Google makes backing up your photos on your phone very easy and cheap.  There is no reason you need to pay Apple for storage you don't need.  Google Photos is an amazing phone application and also a great place to organize your photos.  There are many free options and also some very affordable paid options as you accumulate more photos and videos.   

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