Top Tips to Improve Your Phone's Signal Strength

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A lot of our daily routine depends on cell phones. Things such as dropped phone calls, weak signal strength, and slow data can have a massive impact on our everyday life. However, the good thing is that you can now better your cell signal for clear cells and fast data speed. Here, we will enlist some of the best ways to improve your phone's cell signal strength. Let us get started and address them one by one.  

Get a Verizon network extender.


People who have Verizon wireless will love this solution to boost their cell phone signal. It is because, at present, Verizon is the only network that still offers a network extender. Also known as a microcell or femtocell, a network extender is a device that Verizon sells to create a better signal strength at your home. It will route all the cellular calls and the data over the broadband internet. Please bear in mind; there are a few downsides to using network extenders, such as the call handoff problems, but if you do not have an existing cell signal outside, this can be quite a suitable option. 


'I have been a Verizon wireless user for long, and the extender has wholly resolved my call drop issues, shares Dave, a TrueBlueFishermen associate. 


Take your phone higher.


The reception of cell phones better when you travel higher. It is because if there are buildings around, they can block your signal. So, if you are in a valley or at the foot of the hill, start climbing. If you are indoors, you can travel upstairs and travel to the side that receives the best reception. 


 Check your phone for any possible damage.


At times, when you drop your phone, despite your phone being in a case, it can lead to damage to the internal antenna. This will have a severe impact on the cell signal quality. So, it won't hurt to remove the phone's case and inspect it for damage. Carefully examine both the corners and the back. Alternatively, you can even schedule a free appointment with your carrier, and they can perform a diagnostic on your phone. It will help them confirm whether the hardware is properly functioning or not. Justin, an employee with MyPlumberschoiceshares that 'In my Apple, there was a hardware issue, which was hampering my cell reception. Since my phone was under warranty, they replaced my phone for free, and now the problem is solved.' 


Do not let your phone battery reach to critically low.


At times, when the phone attempts to connect to the nearest cell phone tower, it tends to suck up all the battery from your phone. When the battery is already low, it gets hard for the phone to look for a signal. Why? By default, our phones are programmed to consume minimum battery when searching for a network, especially when the battery is already low. Hence, it is unable to perform the task adequately, and this results in poor reception. Thus, it would help if you did everything you possibly can to conserve your phone's battery power. For this, you can turn off the NFC and Bluetooth. Also, use these features only when required. Also, keep the screen brightness to a minimum, ensure that no software or applications are running in the background that consumes your phone battery. Also, while you are traveling, it is inevitable for the battery to go low. So, in this case, carry a portable charger along.  


Remove your phone's case.

If there is a case covering on your phone, only removing it might better your phone's signal strength. At times, a case may block the cell phone signal and curtail it from reaching the internal antenna. So, try removing the case to see any improvement in reception. 


Get a new SIM or clean your existing one.


If you have used your carrier for a long time, your SIM card may not have adequate data to connect to the latest network systems. At times, its contact may be wearing down or dirty. This may result in intermittent failures. So, pop your SIM card out, and clean the metal surface using a cotton swab rubbed in alcohol or a disinfectant wipe. 


'Since my cell signal used to be continually weak, I requested my carrier's support representatives to give me the latest SIM, which helped better my signal strength,' shares Alexa, an associate with RazorHood


Yes, we agree with Alexa on this. At times, changing to a newer SIM can also improve your signal strength. Usually, your network providers will grant you a new SIM for free. 


Shop for a cell phone signal booster


This is the only certified solution, which is majorly recommended by all the key carriers and the FCC. A cell phone signal booster will catch all the existing signals outside your phone, amplify its strength, and then transmit this stronger signal into your home, vehicle, or business. The good thing is they work with all networks. So, there is no need to shop for different cell phone signal boosters. More so, it is a one-time investment, and there is no recurring fee.  


Keep your phone's software updated.


At times, the phone may be experiencing signal issues because you are running your phone on old software. Consequently, the phone may not perform at an optimal level. It may not have the newest optimizations for calls, bug fixes, data, or even routine operations. So, before trying every other method here, this should be the first thing that you do. 


Disable LTE if a single bar shows


The bars you see on your phone are determined by things, such as – load and quality on the nearby tower and the signal strength. If you see a single LTE bar, it means that the tower from where you are getting your signal is over-congested. Consequently, it affects the signal quality, resulting in it being significantly low. In this case, you can consider switching off LTE and using 3G for a bit. Since most people will be using LTE, 3G will be less congested, thereby giving you better signal strength. 


Get yourself a new phone.


When you have an old phone, particularly one that supports just 3G and not LTE, you should consider shopping for the latest phone. If you cannot afford the latest phone, even a version or two older models that support LTE will suffice. This, in itself, can better your data speeds and voice calls. 


Make the most of the Wi-Fi Network.


'I have always had cell signal issues, but this Wi-Fi calling has completely metamorphosed the things for me,' shares Robin, who did a CDR review online.


Well, yes, this is one of the most excellent solutions that are hugely prevalent today. Almost every carrier in the USA and Canada, and even the other parts of the world, offer this new and updated feature of Wi-Fi calling. As part of this feature, you can now use your internet connection to surf the internet and simultaneously make phone calls through your phone network. Please know that Verizon and AT&T offer this feature currently for Samsung Galaxy, LG, and iPhone users only. However, if you have subscribed to Sprint and T-Mobile, Wi-Fi calling is available on almost every model. You can find this option in the settings menu of your phone. 


Toggle the Airplane Mode


Lastly, if you are not receiving a signal on your phone, you can toggle the Airplane mode once, wait for about five to ten seconds, and turn it off again. This can help you better your reception. 


So, these are some of the most effective ways to better weak cell reception. 

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