A Guide to Smartphone vs Laptop

laptop vs smartphone

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe the actual amount of technology that has come into people’s daily lives. Though technology has been a part of the everyday household for a while, smartphones have really taken this to the next level. 

With the majority of the world now owning a smartphone, it’s rare to find a time in the day, week, month or year that you will find yourself disconnected in any significant way. For this reason, and due to the power of many modern smartphones, it’s natural to question whether or not you need any other device. 

With smartphones meeting so many of your needs, 


If 20 years ago, you told someone that almost everyone would have a little computer in their pocket that they can use whenever they like, you would have probably been laughed at. 

This is very much the case in the modern-day, with people spending hours a day on their phones. With so many apps and connections getting better in even the most rural locations, it’s difficult to find something your smartphone can’t do. 

While they can do much of the work that many would use a laptop for, where smartphones truly shine is with their portability. From using a navigation app when roaming a new city to texting your loved ones when out and about, smartphones are so easy to take with you, no matter where you go. 


Laptops can be more powerful a lot of the time too, so can take on a bigger workload should you need it. A quick browse through somewhere like Lenovo.com will give you so many laptop options, depending on your needs. 

It’s safe to say that laptops are now the king of the computer world, as they outnumber desktops by quite a bit. They are very popular among both remote and office workers, as they often provide the full power of a desktop from the comfort of sitting on your lap. 

When smartphones can do so much, why opt for a laptop? 

Though you could do a lot of the work you do on your laptop from your phone, the main thing to consider is comfortability. Working on a small screen can get difficult after a while, not to mention the benefits a physical keyboard can bring.  


Although they both have their benefits and smartphones are more common among the average individual, one is certainly not a replacement for the other. 

Where they truly shine, is when used together for different things. Write work emails and make calls on your phone whilst on the go but leave the heavier stuff to your laptop. As the world becomes more digital, and many workers become more remote, there really is a place for both of these devices in your home. 

Whether you buy both from the same brand, or mix and match, they always bring their own benefits to the table. 

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