Why is AT&T's MicroCell Dropping Calls?

AT&T microcell

There could be several reasons why an AT&T MicroCell, also known as a femtocell, is dropping calls. A MicroCell is a device that uses your internet connection to provide enhanced cellular coverage in areas with weak signals. Here are some possible causes for dropped calls with a MicroCell:

Internet Connection Issues: The MicroCell relies on a stable and reliable internet connection to function properly. If there are issues with your internet service, such as intermittent connectivity, slow speeds, or high network congestion, it can result in dropped calls or poor call quality on the MicroCell.

Interference: The MicroCell operates on specific radio frequencies, and if there is interference from other devices or neighboring wireless networks, it can impact the performance of the MicroCell and lead to dropped calls. Interference can be caused by electronic devices, wireless routers, or other wireless signals in close proximity to the MicroCell.

Location and Signal Strength: The placement of the MicroCell within your home or office can affect its performance. If the MicroCell is positioned in an area with poor internet connectivity or where the cellular signal is already weak, it may struggle to maintain a stable connection, resulting in dropped calls.

MicroCell Software or Firmware Issues: Like any technology, MicroCell may experience software or firmware issues that can impact its functionality. It's recommended to ensure that your MicroCell's software and firmware are up to date to minimize potential issues.

Device Compatibility: Some older or incompatible devices may not work well with the MicroCell, leading to dropped calls or other connectivity problems. Checking the compatibility of your device with the MicroCell and ensuring it meets the necessary requirements can help prevent issues.

If you are experiencing consistently dropped calls with your MicroCell, it is advisable to contact AT&T customer support for assistance. They can help troubleshoot the issue, check the device's settings, and provide further guidance on resolving the problem.

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