Pandora Radio Inverse Cell Coverage Maps

Do you still listen to satellite because you hate the audio commercials and love the content?  One of my favorite applications on the PC, Android, BlackBerry and iPhone has to be Pandora Radio. Considering that 3g cell coverage is less than par in most big cites, it doesn’t help that AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon & Sprint will have more users competing for data access on its' networks. As a result, the Pandora cell phone reception is going to suffer for a while and will often times be non-existent.  I think Pandora eventually needs to start caching the content to prevent dropouts in the music when you enter poor cell phone coverage areas.  If that isn't possible will Pandora need to provide its users with an "inverse cell coverage map" directly on the phone to show where cell service might not work?  

Pandora is a new scientific way of listening to music. It bridges the gap between radio and itunes-- free to paid and back to free. Pandora sprouted up from the Music Genome Project, which matches songs and artists with up to 400 different characteristics. Just say the name of a song or artist and it plays continuous music related to your choice, just sit back and enjoy. The new music revolution just turned cash flow positive and has over 40M users. I am amazed with the user growth of the company and hope that it could be a new platform for Howard Stern when he possibly leaves Sirius / XM at the end of 2010.  The Pandora iPhone app is very popular. There's a reason Sirius and XM almost went bankrupt and were forced to merge (other than their large debt loads).

One concern is that the company relies 100% on advertising for success and desperately needs 3G and 4G cellular reception distribution success.  If the company truely is an IPO candidate according to Big Trends in 2010 it will need to become more transparent and helpful to its users and advertisers about where their ads and music might NOT be heard or seen. WiFi seems to be the best answer currently when using Pandora on your phone as WiMax, 3G & 4G are still fragile at best most cities.

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