Cell Coverage in Yellowstone National Park

2.5 million people per year visit Yellowstone National Park and it's one of the most heavily visited National parks in the US.  Despite that fact, it's virtually impossible to get cell phone coverage in the area.  It's an important safety issue to note especially if you plan on going hiking in the park or planning to stay an extended period of time.  As you can see by the carrier coverage maps below from the four largest wireless service operators AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile that cell phone coverage in Yellowstone National Park is not good.  More importantly, it's virtually impossible to use their coverage maps despite the billions in dividend profits given to shareholders each year.  

Deadcellzones.com is a consumer-generated coverage map and we all would appreciate your feedback on where you think there should be cell coverage and wifi provided in the park and you can submit your comments and pins directly to our Yellowstone cell phone coverage map.  After you click on the link or go to Deadcellzones.com, type in the zip code 82190 of Yellowstone and submit your wireless carrier and the problem you are having if you expect to have coverage in certain areas projected on the map below.  Feel free to submit coverage problems of other National parks as well because these areas will likely be targeted by the FCC to provide free national broadband. 

We hear from customers that there is cell phone service near all of the villages and near the West, and North entrances and the Eastern side of the park is where you tend to find the most dead zones.  If you are near stores or gas stations there is a good chance you will probably have coverage.  However, Yellowstone Park is enormous so you aren't going to get coverage in much of the park.  

Verizon Wireless Cell Coverage in Yellowstone National Park

AT&T Wireless Cell Coverage in Yellowstone National Park

Sprint Cell Coverage in Yellowstone National Park

T-Mobile Cell Coverage in Yellowstone National Park

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