Free Google Voice + Video + IM + Gmail = Awesome

Free Google Voice + Video + IM + Gmail = Awesome

The "holy grail" of unified communications has arrived . . . a solution that ties my email (Gmail), instant messenger (Google Talk),  Video Chat, Free SMS, Voicemail (Google Voice),  Google Calendar, and Google Docs all together into one organized and simple hosted solution.  You can't beat the price which is currently free and it just might fix your cell phone coverage as well.   What finally blew me away was the last step of choosing my new phone number and you can search by keywords, numbers, and zip code.  I typed in my mobile phone number and my new number was only one digit in the area code different.  I now have a (310) and a (317) phone numbers and that is cool!

As a small business owner, this is an ideal solution and could save you thousands of dollars per year if you take the time and get organized.  It's also a solution for the many millions of office and home cell phone users who don't have any mobile phone reception in their homes or office.  It is now so simple to simply dial the number with one click that you can leave your cell phone in the car (if you forward your phone number).  No more dead zones or dropped calls that seem to be getting worse on smartphones that consume more data.  

This is a timely announcement by Google as VoIP competitor Skype now has over 500M+ users and is positioning itself for an IPO.  I think Google Voice will now quickly catapult itself as a big competitor to Skype. The recent announcement of Google calls from PC to Phone is somewhat unique as Skype currently charges for these calls with their Skype Out product.  It is cheap as well but I assume Google Advertising has thought through the math and figure that they can make it free and make more money on the advertising served up.   SMART!

It will also be very interesting to see how tightly integrated the new Google Voice features are with the Android operating system and the New Features on the T-Mobile G2 Phone phone that will be coming out in November.  
Click to Dial from your Contacts or Instant Messanger
Google Voice Transcription on PC or MAC

Google Voice on iPhone and Android
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