10 Reasons to Cut your Cable TV Cord

There really is not much of a reason to keep paying your cable TV company they're $200 per month for programming when you can start using these ten technology innovations.  The CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings is delusional if he thinks Netflix is not causing consumers to cut the cord.  Most of these disruptive devices, software, and innovations finally allow consumers to download and video programming on demand.  On-demand programming is simply watching what you want when you want it.  No longer will you have to stumble through horrible menus on your DVR to find programming when you can simply download it with your high-speed broadband connection.  Some of these electronics might event be nice gift ideas for the Christmas Holiday.  



4G Wireless/ Mobile TV  

Apps Stores

iPad & Galaxy Tablets

    Cable TV operators like Comcast, Cox, Cablevision & Time Warner should be very scared of the newest trend and latest quarter of losing cable TV subscribers for the first time. It's not because of the recession as many cigar-smoking executives would want you to believe.  It's because these "fat cats" have not done anything to innovate in the last ten years and would rather send dividend checks to shareholders than improving your cable TV set-top box. Cable operators have been screwing their customers for years and the FCC has done nothing about it.  I believed for a few years that cable companies were going to win the wireless home race because of their connections into the home.  In my opinion, they have failed to execute a wireless phone marketing strategy against their competition AT&T U-Verse, Verizon Fios, Sprint & T-Mobile. 

    According to an AP, article companies are losing customers in droves and recorded the first quarterly loss of 216,000 subscribers.  We expect this trend to continue for the coming years and cable companies are going to have to think of other tricks like 3D channels and sports TV programming to keep their subscribers happy.  Who knows free mobile TV could be in our near future.

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