Verizon's 4G LTE Dirty Little Secret

Your Old Verizon Cell Phone Will Not Work on 4G LTE
We get many questions from readers like:  Will my old cell phone work on the 4G LTE Verizon network?  Is 4G LTE for cell phones?  Will their high speed data plans be worth the price when I have free WiFi?  How much will their new phones cost?  Is 4G LTE worth all the hype? 

One of Verizon's dirty little secrets you may not know is that if you own of their current phones they won't be compatible with their new 4G LTE network. LTE Verizon doesn't even have any 4G LTE phones for sale even though their commercials during NFL games launched in November 2010 tell you its the greatest thing ever.  LTE phones are not going to be cheap and Verizon expects to launch 5 or 6 phones in 2011. Another frustrating fact is that Verizon will be launching selling a LTE compatible iPad but who knows what the price will be?  Our thesis has always been that 4G LTE will go down in flames eventually as all the hype wears off.  Free WiFi competes with 4G LTE but you won't hear that from the largest wireless carriers who rely on overprice data subscriptions for half ass service.  Rule the Arrogance Verizon.

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