AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson Executive Compensation

Randall Stephenson of AT&T Made $27 Million in 2010
The CEO of AT&T makes $25M+ dollars per year.  Is this because of good business practices as some conservatives might call it or unfair advantages on competition?  Randall made a modest salary of $1,533,333 in 2010 while also taking home an additional $25 million in stock bonuses and "other" compensation according to Forbes.  Not only is this compensation outrageous but AT&T shareholders were paid out $10 billion dollars in dividends in 2010.  Sounds like a huge ponzi scheme to me or a house of cards that needs to be knocked down for the sake of consumers and all Americans. Ralph de la Vega the CEO of AT&T Wireless which is a wholly owned subsidiary made $11 million dollars in 2010.  I am all for big businesses exercising their right to compete in the marketplace but you have to ask yourself is their enough competition?  AT&T is the top donor to Congress is paying just about every influential politician on Capital Hill and has a massively corrupt union.   Here are the full details of Randall Stephenson's CEO compensation.

Restricted stock awards$12,749,977.00
All other compensation$417,410.00
Option awards $$494,731.00
Non-equity incentive plan compensation$5,050,000.00
Change in pension value and nonqualified deferred compensation earnings$7,096,177.00
Total Compensation$27,341,628.00

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