Senator Al Franken on Net Neutrality & Merger

You have to love an honest politician from the Midwest who fights for the average consumer.  Al Franken rips AT&T's coverage maps.  Contrary to what the misleading video headline says.  Al Franken does support Net Neutrality but not its' current corrupt form.  He wants Net Neutrality without the current loopholes proposed in the revised legislation that has been pushed by the big carriers and telecom companies.  He will block the legislation and hopefully will try and do the same to block the merger.  Al has had some great quotes on CSPAN recently with regards to supporting OPEN Net Neutrality rules without loop holes and blocking the AT&T and T-Mobile merger. Al Franken thinks that having another wireless oligopoly is a bad idea for consumers.  Al Franken grilled Randall Stephenson CEO of AT&T today with some great questions.   If we can get our hands on the YouTube video of him mocking AT&T's huge coverage maps I will post it below.  Fast forward to 1 hr and 30 minutes in this Al Franken CSPAN video.  Al Franken, "Oooh AT&T it's a great map!"

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