Best Solar Cell Phone Chargers

So you are getting ready to go on vacation this summer and want to make sure you are prepared for all potential emergencies or simply want to stay connected with your friends and family.  Some of the best vacation spots in the World have poor cell phone signals.  It always best to be prepared in case of an emergency and you need to make a call.   Hiking in the woods without cell phone reception can be a bit unnerving, especially when you have a faint cell or WiFi signal to make a call and your phone battery is dead.  So when your outdoors and away from your a cell phone tower you will notice your battery drain faster.  This is because your cell phone is working harder to reach a cell phone tower signal or using the battery sucking 4G.  These are great reasons to be prepared with cell phone backup batter power or simply turn off data and stick with 2G only.

The short iPhone battery life problem and the short life of 4G phone batteries can be attributed to weak cell phone signals drain the battery and also transmission of stronger 3G, 4G and LTE signals. Here are some helpful tips to make your smartphone battery last longer as well.  Smartphone on 4G use more batter life.  Here are some solar powered products to stuff in your backpack on a hike or throw in the trunk of your car.

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