SiriusXM Roof Rack Interference

XM satellite radios will experience dead zones or dropouts if the receiving is not properly installed far away from the roof rack.  This interference will become a major problem especially when you are near a T-Mobile cell phone tower

Don't mount the antenna close to a roof rack. Adjust the rack so it's further away from the antenna. If you have a surfboard or something on the roof this will also interfere with the signal.  

Troubleshooting Tips for Common Signal and Audio Reception Problems Here are ways to identify and correct some of the common signal and audio reception problems you may encounter:
  • Possible cause #1: The antenna is not properly connected to the Radio or Vehicle Dock, or the connection has become loose.
  • Solution: Check the antenna connection to the XM Radio or Vehicle Dock and make sure it has a good, snug fit.
  • Possible cause #2: If the antenna is properly connected to the XM Radio or Vehicle Dock, there may be a break in the antenna cable, or a problem with the antenna.
  • Solution: Replace the Magnetic Mount Antenna.
  • Possible cause: The Magnetic Mount Antenna is not receiving a satellite signal.
  • Solution 1: Make sure the vehicle is outdoors with a clear view of the sky.
  • Solution 2: Make sure the antenna is mounted on the outside of the vehicle in an optimal location. (Follow the mounting tips described earlier for your vehicle type.)
  • Solution 3: Move the vehicle away from any obstructed area. For example, if you are parked in an underground garage, you should receive a signal after leaving the garage.
  • PROBLEM: There is static or loss of clarity in the XM Radio's audio
  • Possible cause #1: If you have connected the audio of your XM Radio to your vehicle's FM radio using the FM transmitter, the FM channel you have selected is most likely being used by an FM radio station. This interferes with the audio of the XM Radio.

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