Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How to Run Your Business From Only A Cell Phone

300x250 Run Your Business - SmartPhone Dark Blue - Virtual Office solution provides local or toll-free 800 numbers (including vanity numbers) for business and manages them according to the customers' specifications. The virtual office service includes custom greetings, auto attendant, voicemail, internet fax receiving, call transfer and many more features you would expect from a more costly business phone system, all at a very affordable cost. Home Phone Service with Simplest way to set up a flexible, low cost with all the features and options to make it exactly what you want. is the #1 Cloud Phone Service for small businesses and entrepreneurs. offers innovative, customizable and cost-effective communications solutions with plans as low as $9.99 per month. Come see why more than 25,000 companies across the U.S., count on for reliable Cloud PBX phone service and award-winning support. Sign up for a Free 30-Day trial.

Home Phone Service with Simplest way to set up a flexible, low cost with all the features and options to make it exactly what you want.

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Get Toll Free Numbers for Your Business with!

Get Toll Free Numbers with and Sound Professional

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New pricing and plan details:
$9.99 Base Plan Includes 100 minutes and 1 Phone Number

2 Plan Options:
Pay-per-minute as low as 2.5C/Minute
Unlimited Minute Extensions as low as $19.99/Mo

Additional Main Features:
30-Day Free Trial
Unlimited Extensions with Voice Mail
No Toll Free Minute Charges
Local or Toll Free Number Included
No Contracts

If you have cell phone coverage problems in your home, we might suggest purchasing a cell phone booster.  

Cell Phone Consumers Pay Over $17 Billion in Taxes & Fees Each Year

Cell Phone Taxes By State

18.6% of the average wireless customer’s bill goes to federal and state taxes and fees. Put another way, a family of four that pays $100 a month for their cell phone plan will pay about $225 a year in taxes, fees, and government surcharges. Most customers pay a variety of fees on their wireless bills, including federally mandated charges, plus state and local taxes — as well as surcharges imposed by the carriers as a way to recover the costs of divvying up the money to the required agencies.

Tax Foundation found that American wireless customers annually pay approximately $17.2 billion in taxes, fees, and government surcharges. The biggest chunk of that, about $7 billion, goes to sales taxes, while over $5 billion is paid as part of the federal Universal Service Fund (USF) surcharges.  Read More

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