Frontier Communications Takeover of Verizon Fios

Former Verizon Fios customers are suffering big time as Frontier Communications has just destroyed the customer experience Verizon Fios customers once had.  3 weeks to install and 45 minute hold times on the phone has seems to be the common theme on social media.  Customers in Florida, Texas and California apparently are going to be suffering for a while unless things improve fast.  Please comment below if you are experience the same issues.

People will be moving to Direct TV and Time Warner without a doubt in these markets.  

Delete The Facebook App on Your Phone

I cannot tell you how much battery life this has saved me since I have deleted the app.  Before deleting the app I tried everything from removing notifications to killing the app process on the phone.  Nothing seemed to stop the app from running in the background on my Android phone.  I deleted the app and phone lasts probably 50% longer even on Wifi mode.  

I will continue to use Facebook but on my iPad only as a solution.  I am disappointed that Facebook and Google Android have not resolved this problem as I see this problem posted all over the internet.  I am curious if others using an iPhone have found similar problems with their battery life?  Please post in the comments below.   

How to Search Database Dead Zones by Date?

Our database has been around for 15 years.  However, we only have data from 2008-2015 on the map published as of today.  You can now search the entire live database by date.  See the example above.  

In the future we will be logging dead zones on a month-to-month basis and selling reports to carriers who want only recent problems.  However, we all know that dead zones and coverage problems can persist for a long time and that is why continue to publish the data until a carrier can confirm that the problem has been fixed.  

If you are interested in reporting coverage areas that have improved please read the previous link?  

Eventually we plan to publish date based heat maps of the coverage problems reported so you can see the reports evolve over time.  

Who Uses?  How Is The Service?

From what I understand, Google's ProjectFi is a unique WiFi-first service that prioritizes calls and text messages to be done over WiFi and not data. Whenever you're around trusted open WiFi hotspots, the phone will automatically connect to them thanks to a feature called WiFi Assistant.  If you're not around WiFi for whatever reason, Fi will switch to either Sprint or T-Mobile depending on which has the stronger cellular signal. Fi is only compatible with a few phones.

We would like to learn more if anyone from Google wants to reach out and work with us.  I think we have some valuable data that might help customers decide which carrier has the best coverage.

Please submit your reviews below.  There has been a discussion on Project Fi reviews here.

This teen ditched her iPhone for a flip phone and she's never been happier 
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It doesn't take a genius to figure out which has been voice quality.   Read more

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