OnStar Hands Free Cell Phone

I recently heard a commercial on Sirius Satellite Radio advertising OnStar's antennas which can enhance your cell phone coverage. Here is OnStar's "Hands-Free Calling How-To's" video. I also became curious to know what happens if you are in an accident or have an emergency within a cell phone dead zone and you cannot get a cellular signal. Maybe someone reading this can answer that question?

I also looked into the pricing which I found on their OnStar's web site and was not impressed with their direct pricing. However, there was another option to link the package to your Verizon Wireless account and purchase minutes here but don't know the numbers. I do know there are benefits of having antenna boosters installed on the vehicle which is what Wilson Electronics provides without any service fees or purchase of premium minutes.
OnStar Hands-Free
Minutes Price
100 $ 39.99
300 $ 114.99
500 $ 174.99
1,000 $ 299.99

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