Where is AT&T Expanding Mobile Coverage?

What does this really mean?  Are they filling coverage gaps in areas where they previously claimed to have coverage on their maps?  Are they expanding network capacity to provide better data?  Are they putting up new cell phone towers, adding wifi or allowing customers to finally use femtocells?

Every day carriers are sending out press releases claiming to expand their mobile coverage in areas throughout the state.  Here is a great example of a press release that is just a waste of time, resources, money and effort.  AT&T Expands Mobile Broadband Coverage in York County.  This press release is trying to convey a message to their customers explaining that they are adding six cell phone tower sites in the state of New York using High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA).  Do they really need to do a National press release explaining this to their 87 million customers and frustrated iPhone users?   This is a complete waste of time resources, money and just hype that is press release noise.

I have a suggestion for you AT&T.  Why don't you provide more transparency about where you are expanding coverage on a daily basis on a beautiful coverage map like we do on our dead zones coverage maps (below)?  Is it because you want the press and consumer advocacy groups like Deadcellzones.com to be as confused as possible when tracking your coverage claims and expansion?  Your press hype is "off the charts" and your lack of clarity of where you are expanding coverage is too confusing for any AT&T customer to understand the value of your daily regional press releases.

Providing a map of where you are expanding coverage would allow customers, employees, service providers, consumers groups and cell phone tower operators to understand where you have invested your resources to improve capacity and connectivity.   Your AT&T maps are completely worthless to the average consumer now that dropped calls and data congestion are more common than it was ten years ago in 2000.  Your senior management team needs to wake up and stop be paranoid about your competition because your lack of clarity and transparency is appalling.

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