Carriers Bluffing on Cell Phone Signal Booster Network Interference

Mobile operators have avoided facing the reality of consumers frustrated with congested networks and entrepreneurs who have found solutions to fix coverage problems. Now comes a report from the New York Times that the leading mobile operators in the USA are contending that wireless boosters interfere with the smooth running of their networks. What's ironic is "cell phone boosters" have been around for a few years with companies like Wilson Electronics and Wi-Ex.  This equipment is used by law enforcement and often used at stadiums to boost coverage.  Fast forward 10 years and now with an investment in femtocell made, the mobile operators are screaming stop, and seeking assistance from their trade body, CTIA and the FCC to limit or eliminate the use of the wireless boosters when in reality the solution to provide coverage in many places really has been Wi-Fi.  Here are products that have been sold directly from Amazon Wireless for many years.

Read more about the craziness of this idea at VoIP Watch.

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