Cowboy Stadium Cell Phone & WiFi Coverage?

Cowboy stadium inside

Carriers are starting to get more aggressive about improving WiFi, 4G and 5G coverage inside NFL stadiums and we want to know how they are doing.  

NBA and NFL teams are starting to get more aggressive in their marketing to fans about how they have spent money improving coverage.  Here is an example of the Orlando Magic improving cell phone coverage inside the arena.   As fantasy football and sports gambling (shh!) start to become mainstream just about every fan in the stadium will want to be connected to their device in order to check fantasy scores online or place a halftime betting wager.

The Cowboy stadium is a great example of a carrier like AT&T pumping a lot of money into it in order to make sure their fans using iPhones and Blackberry smartphones have adequate coverage.  However, how will the coverage be for competitors Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile at the stadium?  Carriers are notorious for not wanting to work together to improve coverage and don't share a lot of information.  These anti-competitive practices only hurt innovation and really don't provide any competitive advantages despite what the marketing departments might want you to believe.   The stadium is hosting the Super Bowl in 2011 and Jerry Jones does not want any blemishes for visitors. 

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