AT&T Trying to Block Public Hearings

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AT&T is fighting its hardest to keep the Government merger evaluation proceedings and information discovered out of the public eye.  AT&T has filed a protective order that will keep confidential information private during the FCC proceeding so AT&T and T-Mobile trade secrets are not revealed to competitors Verizon and Sprint or the public. The FCC review will be conducted in conjunction with the Department of Justice, officials said. That includes a protective order that will keep confidential information private during the proceeding so AT&T and T-Mobile's trade secrets are not revealed to competitors like Verizon and Sprint.  AT&T is relying on false assumptions about how FCC evaluates wireless competition and this is why they feel so strongly that the merger will be approved.

Why would they want to keep the DOJ and FCC review under wraps and out of the public eye? AT&T has a lot to hide and they know they are guilty of ridiculous anti-competitive business practices. AT&T also knows that if they can lawyer to death the FCC with provisions in the proceedings that it will stay out of the public eye. The FCC are a bunch of failed business bureaucratic wimps who are largely funded by the carriers themselves and so its a major "inside job".  There are no strong figures running the FCC so it is likely that the DOJ will be the only regulatory agency that could save T-Mobile.

We thought it would be appropriate to add a new blog post that would crowdsource AT&T's trade secrets from anyone who might want to contribute to our blog. Anyone can contribute to it.  Disgruntled employees or competitors please post your thoughts on what AT&T might be trying to hide.  

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