Why is iOS 5 iPhone Update Draining Battery?

The iOS 5 iPhone upgrade seems to be having a fair share of about poor battery life after the upgrade is performed.  This is not surprising considering most people have lots of application that run in the background and the iPhone is constantly looking for your location and notifications.  This is less of a problem on the iPad that has a 10+ hour battery life.  The iPhone requires lots of processing power and bandwidth to operate and will ultimately result in few apps being used on the iPhone.  This is one of the reasons why we think that the on deck iPhone application industry will start to consolidate and gravitate further to HTML5.

Here are some suggestions to fix the iOS 5 battery draining issue we recommend the following:
  1. Turn off Bluetooth
  2. Deactivate unused applications using location service
  3. Turn Ping off
  4. Deactivate unwanted apps and notifications
  5. Reset your WiFi network settings
  6. Deactivate  Timezone location services to off
  7. Deactivate diagnostic and usage reports. 
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