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10 Ways to Improve WiFi Reception

Many times it happens that you place a wireless network in your home, but unable to make maximum out of it. People may face slow network connection or intermittent connectivity issues. It may be possible that your router, your network topology or your computer is responsible for this inconvenience. Here, I am going to elaborate top 10 essential aspects that people should keep in mind while setting up their personal wireless network.

1. Router's positioning

Router should be placed in the center space of your home or office. If not, then few computers will unable to connect Internet via wireless router, and result in poor or no signals. For instance, if you place wireless router in the corner of your kitchen and your computer is at the second floor in the complete opposite direction of the router, then you may suffer from weak signal strength.

2. Wireless card

Wireless card installation in the PC is one of the main components responsible for the superior performance of wireless network. A high speed wireless router is useless if the wireless card is unable to cope with it. It is highly recommended that people should install recently updated wireless card that can work at the same speed with wireless router.

3. Wireless channel

Usually, wireless router transmits their signal on radio frequency of 2.4 GHz. some other household objects such as cordless phones, radios, etc. also operate around the same frequency. Therefore, it may lead the channel to bog down with excess traffic, which will affect the speed of wireless connection. In the United States, wireless router has predefined set of 11 channels. Most of them have channel 6 as default. So, changing the channel can reduce interference to some extent.

4. Buy equipments from same vendor

It is a little bit tough that you should buy all network equipments from the same vendor because you don't go for shopping at the same time for all network devices. For instance, DLink card can definite work with NetGear, but DLink-Dlink, or NetGear-NetGear setup can work always better.

5. Driver or Firmware update

Companies keep on updating their drivers or firmware for improving their network devices. So, you should regularly update wireless card's driver and router's firmware. It will enhance the performance and reliability of your wireless network connection. It will also add some latest features to your wireless router.

6. Replace antenna

Most routers are equipped with omnidirectional antenna. This antenna broadcasts the network signal equally within the described area. Therefore, it will be complete waste if you place wireless router in a corner because lots of transmitted signal will go outside your home or office area. A high gain antenna is available in the market these days. It focuses in one direction generally. It is quite simple. You just need to check that your wi-fi router has a removable antenna or external antenna jack.

7. Use 802.11g

The most commonly used network is 802.11b that is widely used by wireless cards. Now, the new standard is out which is 802.11g. This network is five times faster than the previous b standard. If your wireless card supports 802.11g network, then go for latest g standard network for your wireless router.

8. Replace wireless adapter

It may be possible that the slow Internet connection is caused by the wireless adapter equipped in the PC. It comes in the USB form that is inserted into the computer. If your computer is unable to send signals back to wireless router, then also the same issue takes place. It is because the wireless Internet is a two way transmission. You can switch to an external antenna that can improve signal strength. Usually, it is applicable to personal computers. Laptops come with in-built adapter. Most probably they are of high quality installations.

9. Wireless Interference

Generally, wireless routers work on 2.4 GHz frequency. Other household electronics such as microwave ovens or cordless phones can interfere in your wireless network as they also work on the same frequency. To solve this issue, you should use cordless phones and electronic gadgets that operate on 900 MHz or 5.8 GHz frequency.

10. Wireless repeater

If you have a large office or home area where wireless router is unable to send signal to all computer, then you can use wireless repeater to enhance the signal strength. This wireless repeater will receive network signals from main wireless router and will amplify it to resend them. The resulted signals are able to spread in larger area that increases the range of wireless network connection. It will remove the need to install additional wiring.

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#1 Way to Improve Your Phone Battery Life

Delete The Facebook App on Your Phone

I cannot tell you how much battery life this has saved me since I have deleted the app.  Before deleting the app I tried everything from removing notifications to killing the app process on the phone.  Nothing seemed to stop the app from running in the background on my Android phone.  I deleted the app and phone lasts probably 50% longer even on Wifi mode.  

I will continue to use Facebook but on my iPad only as a solution.  I am disappointed that Facebook and Google Android have not resolved this problem as I see this problem posted all over the internet.  I am curious if others using an iPhone have found similar problems with their battery life?  Please post in the comments below.   

New Sample Data Access via Google Maps & Google Earth

Sample Data for Google Maps, Google Earth & API
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Verizon 4G LTE Wireless Signal Booster

Verizon & AT&T 4G LTE Signal Booster

Now there’s a mobile signal booster for those using Verizon Wireless LTE devices.  The Sleek 4G-V from Wilson Electronics was announced this week.  You can boost AT&T's 700 MHz LTE (bands 12 & 17) signal as well as all carriers 3G & 2G cellular signals on 800 MHz & 1900 MHz.  The boost provides more than 20 times the power of your cell phone alone.  This booster will help you stay connected by providing a strong reliable signal in weak-signal areas indoors and outdoors in a car (1 or 2 bars), reducing lost dropped calls and speeding data rates.  Its designed for the car but will work anywhere.
The Sleek 4G-V works with all devices on all conventional 2G and 3G networks, except Nextel.  FCC type accepted.  Below is a diagram on how to setup the antenna for a typical car.

Verizon 4G LTE Signal Booster 

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